6 Ways a Virtual Assistant Saves You Money

Contractor making a business call

One of the questions we get quite often is, “How does a virtual assistant save me money?”

The answer is simple. 

  • You save money by directly reducing some costs. 
  • You reduce some hidden costs that you don’t realize you’re paying.
  • You have extra eyes on your business to find efficiencies you may not have thought of.

Let’s look at some examples.

No employee management

Every employee costs you time–time to onboard, train, and manage. Managing employees is one of the hidden costs of hiring people. 

When you hire a virtual assistant instead of an employee, you pay to get the job done. 

No managing. No training.

You tell us what you want and we deliver it completed.

No payroll maintenance

If you’ve ever maintained a payroll, you know that paying your employees is only part of the cost.

You also have to track hours, file and pay taxes, and calculate benefits, vacations, and sick days. And when something goes wrong (and it will), it gets even more complicated.

With virtual assistants, you pay only for work–not employees.

The right person for your job

When you hire a new employee, it’s always a bit of a gamble.

In a one hour interview, how can you tell if the person has the skills they say they do?

A virtual assistant takes away that risk.

All our assistants are all pre-screened. We know they are skilled, personable, and attentive. You don’t have to search for employees and hope they have the skills they say they do.

Your jobs hit the floor running.

An expert for every job

Let’s imagine that you hire an office assistant to help your business. You choose him (let’s say) because he is a good receptionist.

Now you have a receptionist.

But what if you company also needs a bookkeeper? Do you hire someone else for that?

A social media manager? An events coordinator?

Typically, businesses muddle along with employees who do one job well, and make-do for the rest of their needs. 

At SOS, we have skilled people for each type of business activity. You get a great virtual receptionist. A fantastic bookkeeper. Extraordinary social media help.

With virtual assistants, you get an expert for every job. 

Focus on your expertise

One of the first things you’ll do with SOS is make a list of your business activities. 

Once we have that list, we divide it into two parts–the routine, regular activities that keep your business functioning and the speciality activities that require your expertise.

Your business makes money from your expertise. If you are sidetracked by mundane tasks, you’re not being efficient. And you’re certainly not making the most money you can with your time.

A virtual assistant takes the regular, routine activities off your hands so you can focus on what you do best.

Extra eyes on your business goals

One of the special services you get from being part of the SOS family is that we keep an eye on efficiency and your financial well-being.

We want your virtual assistant to save you money.

This means that we may recommend:

  • Better workflows or systems to get your job done
  • Better, more efficient, and less costly software, apps, or products to do your jobs
  • Financial products that save you money
  • Tax-saving measures to discuss with your accountant

We’ve got your back. We’re only successful when you are.

To find out more, contact us today.