The Renewed Amy Wall

It’s no secret that the pandemic forced everyone to go through some major changes. It’s also obvious that most of us are still recovering from that time. But what it really forced us to do is grow. And from that growth come some amazing and beautiful things. 

After doing an audit of all her client relationships, Amy noticed an overarching problem – business owners are desperate for an easier way to tackle the chaos in their companies brought on by the pandemic. They were looking for fast and efficient ways to get back to “normal”. And so was Amy.

As president of Specialized Office Support Inc. (SOS) and now Zephyr Business Coaching Amy took a leap of faith to grow as a person and as a business leader. Both journeys seem to overlap for her.

The Personal Journey

Amy is not new to owning a business. However, just like the rest of us, she has had some bumps in the road. 

 “In 2016, I had to reinvent myself. I had to find my own way back, taking all my skills that I’ve learned when I was working in finance, as well as working in my own business. I had to take all those skills that I knew as an operations manager and an administrative assistant and a customer service representative. How could I take all of that and create something that I could give back, and so virtual services was where I started, to think about that and to pull together a company where I could help others virtually.”

~Amy Wall

Amy took that original idea and used her skills to make the virtual world and remote workspaces more efficient for small and medium-sized businesses. She gives them everything they need to support them in navigating and growing their businesses using modern software. And she’s not stopping there!

“Specialized Office Support noticed that we were helping clients along the way with a lot of coaching, and we were able to find a framework that really spoke to us that we can offer now to clients. It’s called Business Made Simple.”

~Amy Wall

During her journey with SOS, Amy saw first-hand that businesses thrive when they have the right tools. Soon, she will be offering business coaching through Zephyr where businesses will be given the simple frameworks to help them thrive! 

Amy is always thinking of ways to guide businesses, but she also has plans to take her journey and her own businesses on the road! With her kids grown and on their own with careers and families, Amy’s goal is to see the country from the road and connect with people. She wants to prove that virtual remote workplaces built right can be successful for personal and professional growth. Business should be an adventure!

“It was time to go from the almost 4,000 square foot home that had 4 kids and a very active household down to something for myself. So I decided to move back closer to my mom and my sisters and downsize quite a bit. And now I want to even downsize a little bit more because I want to travel.”

~Amy Wall

Amy plans to keep us updated on this journey. Her first step is to look into a fifth wheel, and then keep downsizing until she’s ready to take her life on the road. We will get frequent updates on her new blog “The Glamping Entrepreneur” as she begins the next chapter in her journey, along with tips and tricks she learns along the way!

I know I can’t wait to see where she goes! 

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