The Glamping Entrepreneur: Entry 1

As the season begins to change, as the weather gets colder, and as the greenery starts to fade into the vibrancy of fall, aspiration for change begins. For Amy, this means transforming her life as it is into something more.

Traveling inspires Amy in her decision to take her life on the road. Currently, as she researches modes of transportation for her desired lifestyle, she must do some serious home clean out! From clothes, to furniture, to even food, Amy’s goal drives her to change how attached she is to material things.

“I was watching folks on TV build and move into tiny homes. I learned that it wasn’t easy to pare-down your life. It is a mind game of learning to let go. That’s why I love fall…I walk among the colored leaves and watch them slowly and gently drop to the ground. I would reflect on some of the ideas or things I needed to let go of to make room in my life for the things I want.”

Learning to let go of things makes room to learn and accept new things! Amy know that it applies to business as well. Something you have to let go of old systems, old processes, and old mindsets to make room for simple and more efficient ones.

But in this case, Amy is applying it to her life. Instead of staying in a stationary home with the same routines, she is taking her 1,800 square foot home and downsizing to 289 square feet. To do that, she’s adopting a process of her own!

“When I went through my house for the first “pare-down”, I was looking for things that belonged to my four adult children. I made 4 spaces in the garage and placed them there. Then I worked with them to sort those piles by returning things to them or giving them away. My second “pare-down” came when I sold my home during the pandemic. I no longer needed a 3900 square foot home just for me and my 2 dogs. It seemed very silly. And it was VERY expensive. It just didn’t make sense anymore. Luckily, I found a home back in my home state of Florida and I had the floor plan. Only 1800 square feet! I gave many things away to my family or sold the rest of what I didn’t need to offset the moving costs to Florida.”

Amy is applying this new process for her next big move. One of the ways she wants to downsize is by taking her clothes and separating them! The right side of the closet is the place her clothes will go to be tested! If she reaches for them within 6 months, they stay with her and go on the left side. Any clothes that are left will be given away.

Amy’s new process follows her into the kitchen as well! Her insta-pot and air-fryer are her new best friends, along with the grill! Because of Amy’s life experience, she knows how to cook for more than just herself. So she uses that experience to make huge meals on Sundays and then portions them for herself throughout the week. Instead of wondering what to make everyday or fruits and vegetables spoiling before being used, Amy can spend her evening winding down from her work day with a ready meal and her dogs.

When you make room in your life for different things, you discover new things that expand your perspective on life. Amy doesn’t even shop the same anymore!

“I am learning to grocery shop like a European…going to the market more frequently, buying just what I need so it gets eaten up without spoiling. Gone are buy in bulk days where I had to stock up to feed growing kids. Yes, you do save money buying in bulk, but the goal is to maximize my storage which will be less with the move into the 28 foot home on wheels.”

With the recent event in Florida, Hurricane Ian, I wanted to know how that experience affected Amy’s perspective on her plan. During the hurricane, Amy experienced the affects of the storm as it passed by her home.

Although she was scared, she’s taking the experience as a positive to her plan.

Nobody wants or likes hurricanes, but with today’s weather data and technology, I can use reliable data to make a choice. Mine is to be long-gone from Mother Nature’s fury in my new home on wheels. I have many places to go and see. I am a planner, so I am already building my database of cities with RV parks to get to in a pinch.

Getting the hell “outta the way” allows me the luxury of being able to continue my business day without interruption, have peace of mind of not dealing with storm aftermath and mostly, not having to listen to the howling winds for hours which, honestly, petrifies me. Life is too short to listen to that. I want options!”

Amy is giving herself plenty of options moving forward. By letting things go and accepting new ways and new processes, Amy is in the process of achieving a huge life goal for herself.

As the new season begins, maybe we should all think about things we can let go of so we can let new things in!

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