How to afford a virtual assistant
When deciding whether you can afford to hire a virtual assistant (VA), it’s a simple equation. If you compare just the hourly cost of an employee to that of a VA, you’ll miss many factors. Many benefits of a VA beyond the price, while many employee costs are hidden. It’s important to understand the full...
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"Outsourcing can help" video thumbnail
If you are considering hiring a virtual assistant, it is important to consider how outsourcing can help your business. Of course, virtual assistants can help in many areas, from business management, logistics, and bookkeeping, to event planning, and time and file management. But knowing that you can get tasks completed, that your A/R is current,...
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Image of a virtual receptionist
How many times have you gotten an important call when you’re in an equally important meeting? And then, your day flies by and you can’t answer until much, much later? Frustrating, isn’t it? You can try new apps, or time management techniques, or resolutions to be more disciplined. But sometimes, you just need more help....
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