Specialized Office Support Inc. Clients Inspire New Changes

Your business shouldn’t be a mystery. 

That statement drives Specialized Office Support (SOS) to help business owners optimize their operational systems across the board. From marketing to sales, to data management and financial organization and analysis, SOS gives business owners the support they need behind the scenes. 

SOS started by supporting businesses with virtual assistant work and up-leveled bookkeeping, but after working with clients for years, SOS noticed that they could optimize lo-code applications used by many businesses in better and more efficient ways to increase productivity and profit.

“It’s kind of in a rebirth, since the pandemic, and we’re looking forward to really being able to service the clients in a very new and unique way.”

Amy Wall

To get started, SOS conducts a basic analysis of what areas a business needs support in. Then they consult their team of experts and put together a plan with software to maximize workflow. They use technology to their advantage, and help businesses do it too!

With more and more businesses embracing full or part-time remote workers, it is imperative communication with clients is easy and responsive. Using collaborative technology to develop client portals is the answer.

For instance, the new SOS Client Portal now gives clients a transparent daily check on the work they have requested from SOS. The portal allows the SOS team to correspond with clients, get clear on the desired outcomes, and deliver the work faster. The relief from email inbox chaos keeps things running smoother for both SOS and our business owners.

“Now clients can see everything. All the things that they request every step of the way, the action steps that we are taking, and we can really engage on a better level with clients with the client portal.”

Amy Wall

The company’s goal moving forward is to reach out to growing companies and support them in navigating the frustrating chaos out of their business. By asking questions to clients about their ideal working conditions and then marrying that with continued perseverance, SOS’s company culture of resourcefulness always brings out-of-the-box thinking to solve clients’ problems making profitability the number one goal.

“We want to take that organization to the next level. That means being able to assemble all the data in their businesses and being able to put it out into different areas where it can be reported on and looked at and and let the data help the business grow.”

Amy Wall

The right technology and tools make productivity clear, focused, and effective.

Business shouldn’t be a mystery. It should be an adventure!

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