Announcing Simple, Affordable Virtual Receptionist Services

Image of a virtual receptionist

How many times have you gotten an important call when you’re in an equally important meeting?

And then, your day flies by and you can’t answer until much, much later?

Frustrating, isn’t it?

You can try new apps, or time management techniques, or resolutions to be more disciplined.

But sometimes, you just need more help.

We’ve got your back.

This week, SOS is proud to announce our partnership with Exceptionist, an exceptional virtual receptionist service. 

SOS can guide you to find and choose an exceptional virtual receptionist service. 

So that all your calls can be answered.

What is a virtual receptionist?

For many of our clients, hiring a full-time office assistant doesn’t make sense. You just don’t want to pay for and manage another employee.

With virtual receptionist services, you get a trained, professional receptionist to answer your calls for a fraction of the cost of an employee.

This is not an auto-attendant.

This is a living, breathing human who is trained to answer the phones personably and professionally, just like you would if you could.

You get the benefits of office assistance without the challenges.

What makes virtual receptionist services different?

Sample flowchart for a virtual receptionist

At SOS, we believe that managing your communications is more than just taking a message.

Phone calls are often your customer’s first impression. They need to be professional, helpful, and on-brand.

SOS can help you with the tactics that you can use to find a suitable virtual receptionist, who will help you create workflows, scripts, and procedures that fit your business, your goals.

  • Scripts to answer your most common questions that your customers ask over and over.
  • Language that includes your tagline to promote your brand.
  • Workflows that get the right calls to the right people.

You can learn to pick exceptional receptionist services with the help of SOS.

What services are included?

The SOS virtual receptionist services include many office tasks.

Phone service: 

  • Answering customer questions 
  • Scheduling appointments 
  • Routing calls to other staff
  • Taking and relaying messages
  • Securing orders & taking payments
  • Providing client-to-customer courtesies 
  • Managing voicemails
  • Screening out telemarketers 

Online customer service 

  • Securing orders 
  • Responding to live-chat 

Administrative support tasks 

  • Managing email including sending appointment confirmations/reminders and answering questions
  • Maintaining data/records
  • Invoicing 

Best of all, you’ll feel confident that your customers will get the same professional care that you would have given yourself.

To learn more tactics to find a virtual receptionist, contact SOS today.

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