Overcome the Money Mindset Block for Good!

As a business leader, it never dawned on me that my attitudes and learned habits about money were negatively influencing the way I ran my business. It caused stress, unneeded worry, and panic. Many times I didn’t seize on great opportunities that really would’ve benefited me and my business. This madness had to stop.

I came across an article from May 2020 on the Forbes website, Three Common Money Mindset Blocks And How to Overcome Them. Writer Rebecca Patterson encourages readers to look to childhood memories as the first place to discover mind blocks about money. Most of those memories are very impactful, but not permanent. Like many diets and food habits, negative money habits can be unlearned.

So, I’m a huge Dr. Wayne Dyer fan and I’ve been reading his books since I was in high school. And in his book, Excuses Begone! Dr. Dyer challenges the excuse of “I can’t afford it.” He asks if that meme is true. Can you be 100% sure that whatever it is you want to purchase or accomplish is being held back by the lack of money? If there is any doubt you have to refuse to believe the “I can’t afford it” excuse.

So over the last 4 months, I have taken some time to reflect. I challenged my thoughts about money. Tried to remember where I first learned any bad or negative habits or thoughts about money. Then wrote a few positive ideas about money to replace the negative thoughts like, “I can afford this, I just haven’t figured out how, yet.” It turns the panic moment of scarcity into a possibility.

I’m still a work in progress with this, however, I am more relaxed when the unexpected vet bill turns up, or the car needs new tires, especially when I’d love to take my friend up on joining them on that great vacation next summer! I’m happier because I can see the possibilities for myself and my business instead of taking a pass with a worn-out excuse.


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