One Bite at a Time!

Do you remember the old joke “How do you eat an elephant”? 

One bite at a time! 😂

When your business falls into chaos, feeling overwhelmed is normal. You don’t know where things are, you don’t know where all the money is going, and you don’t even know where to start. You want to feel confident that your processes are working and things are running like a well-oiled machine while you’re taking that vacation.

That’s why Zephyr coaches the Business Made Simple model of the airplane. Each business component is broken up into six pieces so you can take on your business one bite at a time. You shouldn’t feel ashamed of not knowing everything about business – we’ve been there too! Finding the best information to learn business acumen is not easy. But here, we break down business so you can fix it fast!

So what is the airplane? And how is your business like one?

Well, the airplane model from Business Made Simple breaks business down into six pieces: the Cockpit is leadership, the Right Engine is marketing, the Left Engine is sales, the Wings are your products, the Body is your overhead and operations, and your Fuel Tanks are cash flow.

Breaking business down into these pieces gives you a clear view of your business and where your problems may lie.  You can analyze each piece and begin to understand how everything works together. You can clearly see if your wings are too small or your body is too big, and work on those things to even out your airplane so it can fly! 

With Zephyr Business Coaching first take the assessment to see what parts of your business need attention. Next, you can invest in yourself and in your business by signing up for our guided & structured six-month coaching plan. Finally, accelerate your company’s growth and value with our Master Value Builder Coaching Program! With all three steps completed in one year, you’ll have the elite skills and confidence of owning a valuable business built for growth or to sell on the marketplace. Your choice!

Instead of being stressed and overwhelmed with problems you’re not sure how to solve, feel confident that your business is always building value. You deserve to be proud of your business!

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