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How to Avoid the Fate of the FAA: Investing in Reliable Business Systems for Small Businesses

This week was a wake-up call for me. Like many others, I experienced a wave of panic as news spread that the FAA had experienced a systems meltdown and temporarily grounded all air traffic. It seemed all too familiar to 9/11, especially since most of my family members fly regularly for their careers and businesses. As the news reports later revealed, the failure was caused by the FAA’s key pilot notification system and its backup system. It was also revealed how antiquated that system currently is. To upgrade it would need investment. This event highlighted just how reliant we are on reliable systems—whether they are used in aviation or business.

The effects of this event were far-reaching. Customers were inconvenienced with canceled or rescheduled flights; airlines lost money; and goods and services from companies like FedEx and Amazon were delayed due to this malfunctioning system. But what became even clearer is that failed business systems also have serious consequences for employees, customers, and any company’s bottom line. It’s important to remember that these issues can crop up when you least expect it, so it’s vital for businesses—large or small—to take steps to mitigate any potential risk down the road. Now more than ever, organizations need to make sure their systems are secure, efficient, and prepared to handle terrible events like what occurred this week if they want to remain competitive in today’s market.

At Specialized Office Support, we have recognized a need for small businesses to use technology to its full potential in order to create streamlined and reliable operations that are cost-effective. This ensures that even if one part of the system fails, there will be adequate redundancy in place. Investing in a business system can help your business increase its value while also providing owners with real-time insights into their operations. Additionally, having tight processes and systems in place can create a better purchasing experience for customers as well as give employees the opportunity to manage the systems instead of fixing them on an ongoing basis.

It is clear that investing in reliable business systems is an effective way to build value for your company and provide a better experience for customers. At Specialized Office Support, we are dedicated to helping small businesses make the most of their resources in order to create an efficient operation that is prepared for any type of failure. By taking the initiative now, business owners can rest assured knowing that their operations are running smoothly and that they are well-equipped to face any challenge down the road.

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