How to Hire a Virtual Assistant without Blowing your Budget

When deciding whether you can afford to hire a virtual assistant (VA), it’s a simple equation.

If you compare just the hourly cost of an employee to that of a VA, you’ll miss many factors. Many benefits of a VA beyond the price, while many employee costs are hidden.

It’s important to understand the full picture when you consider a virtual assistant.

How a virtual assistant can generate income

Imagine all your tasks and projects in terms of how much money they generate. Then, calculate the costs of hiring a VA to complete those tasks.

Do you make a profit?

If so, your virtual assistant just paid for herself. 

If your task or project doesn’t generate money, then consider the cost of your attention. How much income would you generate if you could focus your attention on profitable projects, instead of routine tasks?

Sometimes the value of a VA is in freeing yourself to generate income.

And when you do complete a project, do you always bill it right away?

A bookkeeping assistant can decrease the time to collect outstanding receivables. 

How a VA beats hiring an employee

Hiring an employee has many hidden costs.

  • Employees cost not only their wages, taxes, and benefits, but also the cost of training and managing them.  
  • You must pay an employee for their shift, regardless of how busy they were. You only pay a VA for the hours you need.
  • An employee has strengths and weaknesses. A virtual assistant company gives you an efficient, skilled expert for each task.

When you consider the hidden costs, a VA may be the best option for your company.

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