Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Four Tips on How to Start Protecting your Business Online

Having any part of your business online can be stressful when you’re not sure if you’re taking the right steps to protect your data. 

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month and the SOS team is passionate about helping clients implement processes to protect their business data. 

By working with IT partners to find out the best ways to protect a business online, we have learned four ways to best lock down data.

Tip One: Have a password vault.

Using a password vault will protect your passwords to important sites where you have sensitive data. It will also organize your passwords and remember them for you. This way, all your passwords are protected under high security and they’re all in one place for you to access.

Tip Two: Change your passwords regularly.

In pair with a password vault, changing your passwords regularly will reduce the likelihood of anybody hacking your accounts. With password vaults, you can also generate random passwords as requested. Using random passwords and changing them regularly will protect your accounts as well.

Tip Three: Have good security software.

Having security software on your computer will give you the upper hand in defending your data. The software will let you know if accounts are being tampered with and will protect you from any sites that will damage your data.

Tip Four: Back up all your data on a cloud service.

In case of a business emergency, having your data backed up online will protect it from being infected with a virus or give you access to it if your accounts get hacked.

SOS wants you to be protected from every online assault imaginable. 

With our partners in IT, SOS can implement the best security to protect your business data and keep your business running. Sign up on our Interested page to consult with us on your current cybersecurity policies and procedures. Doing this now could save your company lots of dollars in ransomware in the future.

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