About Amy Wall

When I was in high school, I was part of a group that were the ambassadors of the school. We were called Hospitality Hostesses. This was the late 70’s, early 80’s so the name would not be politically correct today in the burgeoning growth in the roles of women, however, we were the first face guests would see at any event the school had: sporting events, music concerts, orientation, any event where we were asked to serve. I was a part of that group for three years and became its president my senior year. I didn’t know it then but reflecting on it now…that’s where my business was born.

I found out then and more over my career that I love the supporting role. Like a Supporting Actor or Actress, my performance makes the lead performances better. Makes the whole movie or play…better. My goal for Specialized Office Support is to make business better for those small to mid-sized business owners and solopreneurs better, smoother, more-effective so they can achieve their wildest dream for their business.

My career is full of supporting roles: Sales Assistant and operational support for a local NBC affiliate (2 years), associate producer of public programming (2 years), administrative assistant and trainer at Merrill Lynch (3 years), co-ownership of a corporate events and corporate video business handling all aspects of business so my partner could be the creative entity (26 years), operations manager for an independent brokerage firm (5 years), and now the owner of SOS which brings all my support experience to you.

I am a geek for logistics, process and efficiencies. Being a fast and curious learner, I relish in learning about your business and your preferred working habits to match systems to work style. I am an extremely effective communicator. I am a strategist. I love details and cleaning up chaos. (Probably learned while raising my four children while running a business)

No challenge is too big, or too small. My philosophy is that if I can help you master the foundation level of chaos that your business inherently has, it will free you up to do what you enjoy: your career, your family and friends, your life!

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